sectors : Institutional
  • The work will last for 10 months
  • Scale of the work is more than $2 850 000.00
  • Montreal, Quebec
    • Installation of helical branch fans
    • Ductwork designed for use in healthcare environment
    • Installation of three air handling units which have been hauled up by cranes over 10 floors and then lowered one floor below
    • Welded ductwork system in stainless tested through a special process. NC3 laboratories
    • « Bag in bag out » filtration system installation for the NC3 laboratory, which protects occupants from cross-contamination

other Projects

CHUM - University of Montreal Hospital Centre

Phase 1 B-4 to B-1, and P1 to P5. Technical and mechanical work for phase 1 was carried out in the D Block, consisting of rooms for medical consultations, medical examinations, minor surgery and MRI scans, as well as parking areas.

Major agrifood corporation

New warehouse with 384 tons of refrigeration. 40 evaporators with hot gas defrost cool the distribution center. The freezer is maintained at -18C and the rest is at 4 C. The work with a evaporative condenser.

MUHC - McGill University Health Center

Hospital consisting of more than one building, for a total of 10 storeys, requiring the installation of high-performance HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, with high levels of filtration, allowing air to be treated up to a 100%