The LS Secure inspection program lets you evaluate your risk exposure. After our first meeting, you will be able to quickly picture the state of your equipments and assess the potential danger that could put your operations in jeopardy.

The advantages

  • Complete analysis of the state of your equipment
  • Complete study of you emergency plan
  • Complete analysis of your inspection lists
  • Filtration optimization
  • Complete analysis of your equipment list
  • Complete test of your data safeguard
  • Complete analysis of subtrades
  • Complete test of current service
  • Complete analysis of floor plans and sketches
  • Complete inspections of failure recurrence
  • Complete analysis of previous repairs
  • Complete evaluation of existing repair registry
  • Analysis of insurance

Play by play

One of our technical rep will meet you at the facility to maintain. He will analyze your documents and tour the equipment. Then, he will produce a report of your risk exposure. To book an appointment, please fill out the survey located below. You can also contact Marc-André Ravary Eng. at or at 1 (877) 582-8105.

Required paperwork

Equipment’s list, location plans and sketches. Present maintenance contract, number of service call in the last few months, repairs registry, emergency plan, health and safety program.

Their 160 employees where ready. Are you?