sectors : Industrial
  • The work will last for 14 months
  • Scale of the work is more than $7 600 000.00
  • Varennes, Quebec
    • Ventilation/air conditioning of a 650 ooo in2. including a 6400 in2 cold room/freezer.
    • Ventilation/air conditioning of the 250 000 in2 head office which included a server room, a pool and a gym.

other Projects

Major agrifood corporation

New warehouse with 384 tons of refrigeration. 40 evaporators with hot gas defrost cool the distribution center. The freezer is maintained at -18C and the rest is at 4 C. The work with a evaporative condenser.


We added 12.00 tons of refrigeration to preserve the fine cheese inventory.

Du Boisé Library

New installation of several ventilation systems for the entire building. LEED-NC, v.1.0, Gold-certified building.